Please take part in our short Wikipedia survey

31 October, 2018


Please take part in our short Wikipedia survey, which is looking at the English-language Wikipedia with an emphasis on sanitation, water and hygiene topics:

Your answers will help guide us on the future direction of Wikipedia editing work that is desired by people interested in healthcare information for all.

Why am I posting this in this Dgroup? From time to time, the potential of Wikipedia for public education in the area of health topics has been mentioned in this Dgoup, e.g. by posts from James Heilman. The work the James and other colleagues with a medical background have done on improving health content on Wikipedia has been amazing and inspiring. They are also increasing its reach in developing countries by offering offline options (“internet in a box”) and content translated into many local languages. Water, sanitation and hygiene are an important part of public health initiatives. Therefore, I am interested to hear your feedback regarding sanitation-related content in the English language Wikipedia.

The survey is only 10 questions long and will take about 2-4 minutes to complete. Anyone can fill in the survey, whether you are a user of Wikipedia or not. This survey is part of a project on knowledge management led by Stockholm Environment Institute and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (

In a few weeks, I will post the survey results in the SuSanA discussion forum where we also discussed editing Wikipedia articles together in the past:

(if there is an interest, I can also post them in this group; SuSanA stands for Sustainable Sanitation Alliance)

Thanks for taking the time to fill in this survey!



HIFA profile: Elisabeth von Muench is a freelance consultant working on sustainable sanitation and knowledge management issues. Elisabeth is the community moderator of the SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) discussion forum ( and an active Wikipedian (leading WikiProject Sanitation). She has a PhD in process engineering (wastewater treatment processes) and is currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Her focus is on SDG 6 and increasing political will to improve access to sanitation. E-mail: elisabeth.muench AT