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5 January, 2019


In regards to offline health care information, don't forget the nonprofit eGranary Digital Library. It’s a server that can provide educational information to thousands of users over their local area network. It’s already in use in over 2,000 locations worldwide and dozens of medical schools and nursing colleges.

The eGranary contains more than 35 million documents, each of them fully indexed and searchable using our powerful, built-in search engine.

Subscribers can also upload their own information, pictures or video and create websites using built-in software called the Community Information Platform. They can create and deliver courses using Moodle, the built-in learning management software. Or they can add all kinds of applications using the industry-standard WAMP server.

The eGranary Digital Library represents the collective efforts and contributions of hundreds of authors, publishers, programmers, librarians, instructors, and students around the globe.

We continue to catalog new items every day, so these numbers are always growing...

2,400+ complete websites, including:

- Wikipedia (all the articles, all the multimedia)

- Khan Academy

- Project Gutenberg

- MIT OpenCourseWare


- TED Talks

1,000+ partial websites, including:

- World Bank

- Center for Disease Control and Prevention

- 150+ academic and medical journals

- 50,000+ books

- 55+ educational software programs

- 80+ computer software applications

The information stored inside the eGranary covers dozens of topics, including:

- Basic to advanced mathematics

- Civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering

- Medical, nursing and public health resources

- Language dictionaries and tutorials

- Computer science

- Atlases, almanacs and other reference materials of all kinds

- Education and teaching

- History, sociology, psychology, economics, religion and other social sciences

- Agriculture, horticulture and zoology

- Biology, chemistry, geology and physics

- Literature, art and music

And dozens of portals, custom catalogs to guide users to resources on a specific subject within the eGranary. Organized to be the most useful to users, they can be simple or very detailed. Examples of portals you'll find inside the eGranary Digital Library.

- Sparkman Medical, Nursing and Midwifery, and Public Health Portals

- Life Skills

- Education Essentials

- Going Digital

- Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL)

- Religious Studies

- Technology Training

- And many more

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-- Cliff

"Access to Knowledge Makes a World of Difference"

The eGranary Digital Library

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Cliff Missen, MA

Director, WiderNet and WiderNet @ UNC

Clinical Associate Professor, School of Information and Library Science

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

tel: 919-240-4622

HIFA profile: Clifford Missen is director of the WiderNet Project, a non-profit organization at the University of Iowa, USA, that works to improve digital communications in developing countries. Cliff has over 20 years professional experience in computers, networking, multimedia design, and applications development. He combines this with his long-term interest in international development. The eGranary Digital Library is a program of the WiderNet Project, and provides an 'Internet in a Box' to the unconnected majority, by storing huge amounts of information on hard drives on internal networks. It contains books, websites, journals, movies and audio files from hundreds of contributing authors and publishers who freely contribute to help bridge the digital divide. missenc AT