Offline Health Care Information (8) Practical healthcare information

2 January, 2019

Dear James,

To the list of your questions about remaining barriers you could perhaps add *focus*.

Your device is a great source of knowledge, particularly in areas where online access is not available or very slow, typically in remote rural areas in LMICs. But the people there are conceivably often looking for practical advice to

help themselves or for know-how to acquire new skills to be able to intervene when no higher qualified professional person can be reached.

In an emergency situation they don't have the time to sift through thousands of scientific papers. They don't need 10k textbooks, just the one dealing with their predicament and perhaps a tutorial video in a language they understand.

If focus on practical know-how was possible and filtering out and accessing such items with just a click or two, acceptance and adoption, I am sure, would increase.

With best wishes for and lots of success in the New Year

john m.

HIFA profile: John Miescher works with BizGraphic in Switzerland. miescher AT