New Ebola virus disease outbreak in the north east of DR Congo

6 August, 2018

Dear All

Declared on August 1, 2018, the new Ebola outbreak in the East of DR Congo continues to be frighted. This is today update:

Statistically, 43 persons was tested positive, 30 deaths are recorded among them. The history goes from Mangina locality where one lady aged of 65 years suffering of fever and hemorrhage, dead some days after had contaminated her surrounding, 9 of dead persons have been from there.

There is some encouraging information, the situation seems stablished, no new case diagnosed. The laboratories are opened in Itury and Tshopo province neighborhood of North kivu, and in Beni city closes to Mangina locality.

The contribution of MONUSCO( United nation Mission of peace stabilization in DR Congo) is announced , a dozen of vehicles are read to make easy the transport of health occupational and material to selected health centers as Ebola management centers.

Also, the handling and consuming of Bats meats would be the main cause of this ongoing Ebola outbreak. Then that the Monkey is the Ebola viruses host the north west of the DRC.

In all cases, The wild animals are quoted to be host of Ebola Virus, and the human dependency to natural resource is the strong link.

This region is very rich in viruses’ history, no far from that the Zika virus is originally from Uganda

Thank you

Andre Shongo Diamba

HIFA profile: Andre Shongo Diamba is a medical doctor, he got a Master of Public Health international health degree from school of health and tropical medicine, Tulane University, USA in 2016 and is flexible to job opportunities. Previously, Andre worked as coordinator at PISRF- Programme Intégré de santé de reproduction et familial (Integrated program of reproductive health and Family), a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) participative NGO of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, committed in awareness and care providing in favor of women and children of low social area, and toward this group to whole community. PISRF undertakes sociological, public health and biomedical researches in the family planning and reproductive health (education, sexuality without risk, safe motherhood, HIV/AIDS prevention), it encourages the humanitarian and research projects and ensures results dissemination to all. Andre has along experience in providing community reproductive health projects such information, communication - education; care services and research leading. He has participated at numerous international conferences in the field of reproductive health and population, health, environment. Andre is interested topromote the Social Development Goal (SDGs) in the DRC and very engaged, Hepledges for public private partnership and the improving of use of mobile phoneas a network able to raise the awareness of reproductive health and support thecountry commitment to do progress in this field. He received the HIFA CountryRepresentatives certificate of achievement in 2013.

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