New design for health resources and website

30 June, 2018

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New design for health resources and website

Significant progress has been made in global health. Child and maternal mortality are declining, and life expectancy is on the rise. However, as our Sustainable Development Goals illustrate, more progress can—and must?be madde. Through improvements in current practices and the development of innovative solutions, we can build upon today’s momentum and accelerate progress in the future. The use of design in global health can lead to improvements in current practices and foster the development of innovative solutions.

To accelerate the use of design in addressing global health challenges, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID’s Center for Innovation and Impact (CII) have partnered to develop resources to support the understanding, appropriate use, and effectiveness of design in global health.

These public goods - co-created with a diverse set of stakeholdeers across the public and private sectors and developed with the support of Dalberg Design and Sonder Design Collective - provide guidance around when, why, and how design can be used in global health, as well as a strategic roadmap outlining priority activities that can advance the appropriate application of design in global health.

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