Nagasaki University supports HIFA (2)

6 July, 2018

Dear Neil,

Thanks for sharing the good news. Brava, The HIFA working group on Prescribers and Users of Medicines !

Best, Daniel

HIFA profile: Daniel Stern is Lead Organizer for Mobile Monday Kampala (, and co-Founder of the Innovation Hub, Hive Colab ( Mobile Monday, or MoMo, is an open global network of mobile industry professionals, visionaries, developers and entrepreneurs exploring how needs of the local community may be met through mobile phone applications. Interests include improving healthcare (member of Uganda's MCH TWG, also distributes Hesperian Health Guides to schools, , empowering farmers through innovative financing of the agri value chain, facilitating students and teachers to engage in e-learning by supplying offline content under Creative Commons, and fostering inclusivity at the village level through mobile services ( Daniel is a HIFA country representative for Uganda. DanielRStern AT