MSH: Evidence & Action in the Fast Lane - microlearning seminar

1 June, 2018

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To: IBP Global

Subject: [global] NEXT WEEK: Evidence & Action in the Fast Lane microlearning seminar

Dear IBP Global,

One last reminder about next week's microlearning seminar called Evidence and Action in the Fast Lane. The seminar will focus on evidence use, KM, adaptive management, DHIS2, and strategic planning for learning and impact. The first "episode" will be sent out on Monday, June 4, to registered participants.

If you haven't joined LeaderNet or registered for the seminar yet, please do so soon so that you receive the first episode of the seminar title "Evidence Along a Continuum."

In the message below, there is also a poll on the greatest challenges we face in evidence use. You can vote and see the results in near real time here.

Should you have any questions or comments on participation or anything else, please let me know at




Luis Ortiz Echevarría, MA, MPH

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Performance, Learning, and Impact (PLI)

Management Sciences for Health

Arlington, VA, USA

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From: LeaderNet at Management Sciences for Health <>

Date: Wed, May 30, 2018 at 9:46 AM

Subject: Reminder: Evidence & Action in the Fast Lane Seminar

To: Luis Ortiz-Echevarria <>

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Transforional Learning

Evidence & Action in the Fast Lane

There is still time to register!

Join us June 4-8 for Evidence & Action in the Fast Lane - a microlearning seminar which will provide practical solutions for using evidence to inform decision making and optimizing learning and impact in global health.

Registered participants will receive an email with a short episode each morning. The episodes will address the following topics:

Evidence Along a Continuum

Knowledge Management

Collecting and Accessing Reliable Data

Adaptive Practice

Strategic Planning for Learning and Impact

We will also host a discussion on the LeaderNet seminar page, related to each of the videos.

POLL: Which of the following reflects the greatest challenge you face to evidence use in your day-to-day work? Click on one of the responses below to vote.

Organizational culture resistant to continuous learning

Inconsistent knowledge management processes

Resources not allocated adequately

Timely data, information, and knowledge not available

Pause and reflect not built into programs

Collaboration with relevant stakeholders is weak


Check the seminar page to see results in real-time.

We hope you will join us June 4-8!


Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

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