Mental health and Development

15 July, 2019

Dear HIFA colleagues,

From the 11th to the 12th July I participated and presented my work in Community Mental health in a conference.

The conference was a mental health sensitization conference under the theme : Mental Health And Development.

It was organized by The Association Action Sante Education (ACSED) with the support of the ministry of public health, WHO in Cameroon, UNFPA in Cameroon, the common wealth department of the Ministry of External Relations and the health magazine ECHO sante.

A few members of the Association of Scientific Journalists and communicators for the promotion of health in Cameroon (AJC-PROSANTE) were present.

The conference gathered experts from across Cameroon who exposed on mental health in several sectors of activites.

My presentation focused on the role of Community Mental Health as a cost effective method to mental health development in Cameroon but as well as a costeffective contributor to Development

I equally focused my interventions during the conference on the role that investing in maternal mental health could have in reducing the high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity rates in Cameroon.

It was a very rich and fruitful exchange with participants.It should be said that the conference was marked by the presence of a few mental health service users, family of persons with a mental health condition and the few associations working in mental health in Cameroon.

The problem of the access to and availability of reliable mental health information is a serious problem that needs to be urgently addressed. It is seriously affecting mental health development in Cameroon.

However, it was interesting to see how the commonwealth department at the Ministry of External Relations was very passionate about this aspect.

It is time to act for mental health because without mental health not only there is no health but there is no Development and this everywhere.

Kindest regards,

Didier Demassosso

HIFA CR Cameroon

MHIN Africa Knowledge Exchange Assistant


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HIFA profile: Didier Demassosso is a School Counsellor at the Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon. HIFA Country Representative For Cameroon/HIFA Country Represenative of the year 2014 and Mental Health Worker. Professional interests: Health Promotion, Mental Health Promotion, School mental health promotion, School health promotion, Mobile Health, Mental health, Public health, Public mental health, Trauma, Environment,the mind, ICT, Culture, Adolescent/Child health, Maternal health. He is a HIFA Country Representative.

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