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Medical error (5)

7 June, 2018

Dear All

The COHSASA reporting and management system of adverse events (PatSIS) is based on the David Marx concept of a "just culture". This is a culture that encourages doctors, nurses and administrators to report error, to increase transparency and to reduce fear around such reporting. It is based on the idea that medical error is most often the result of a system breakdown but does not overlook individual recklessness (arriving at work drunk or under the influence of drugs, for example). It is obvious that in such instances, personal accountability must be taken into account. But it has been shown that the majority of medical errors are the result of a failure in systems. This guest blog in Scientific American by Ashish Jha sheds light on the system vs the individual question. See


For more information about PatSIS see this link http://www.cohsasa.co.za/patsis

Marilyn Keegan

HIFA profile: Marilyn Keegan is Communications Manager at the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa in South Africa. Professional interests: Improving the quality and safety of patient care in health facilities in resource-restricted countries. marilyn AT cohsasa.co.za