Looking for literature on Quality Improvement programs supported by bilateral cooperation agencies

7 January, 2019

Dear HIFA members,

First of all, happy new ‘western’ year to all. May this year bring you what you need the most.

I am contacting you all (thanks HIFA!) because I am currently writing a paper on how one large European cooperation agency supports quality improvement programs worldwide.

In the literature I have found very few publications reporting on similar topics. Are you aware of any? If yes, could you give me the references or share the papers with me?

Thank you!


Dr Sophie Goyet,

BSc midwifery, MPH, PhD

Independent researcher, epidemiologist, and public health consultant

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ORCID number:0000-0002-1835-4478

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Email: sophiegoyet@gmail.com

HIFA profile: Sophie Goyet, BSc Midwifery, MPH, PhD, is a French Midwife-Epidemiologist. Her main professional interests are Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn care issues as well as infectious diseases and antibioresistance. sophiegoyet AT gmail.com