Librarians and healthcare information (5)

4 January, 2019

Dear all,

Also for your information we have a coordination with BIREME (the PAHO Regional Library in the Americas). Last December during CRICS10 (the regional health sciences information meeting) and VHL7 (the virtual health library regional meeting) we promoted HIFA (distributed HIFA pamphlets and talked about HIFA as strategic collaborator during our poster presentation - Honduras VHL). At the Honduras VHL we have pages devoted to HIFA and HIFA Español:

In the HIFA promotion video that was prepared with HIFA support (Neil, Julie Reza and Ben Nicholls), we remarked the relation with library and virtual health library usage as a researcher and academician:



HIFA profile: Jackeline Alger works in the Parasitology Service, Department of Clinical Laboratories, Hospital Escuela Universitario, and at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is a Country Representative for HIFA and CHIFA and is the holder of HIFA Country Representative of the Year Award 2015.

Email: jackelinealger AT