Launched today: Epidemic Response Anthropology Platform (ERAP2)

11 June, 2018

Dear all,

Launched today is the Epidemic Response Anthropology Platform (ERAP2) [], building on the success of the award-winning work of the original Ebola platform [].

ERAP2 is a resource to support a humane and effective response to epidemics. Our aim is to promote evidence on the social dimensions of epidemics in different contexts and to improve the way this evidence is used in response planning. We work with, and build, networks of anthropologists and other social scientists with regional or subject expertise and connect them to policy makers, scientists and humanitarian response workers involved in responding to epidemics.

ERAP2 is a partnership between the Institute of Development Studies and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. It is supported by the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team [, which is jointly run by LSHTM and Public Health England and funded by the UK Government. It also works closely with international partners on global health and humanitarianism, in particular through the Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform[], a partnership between UNICEF and IDS to strengthen the use of social science in emergencies.

We will always be looking for new resources. If you have suitable material please send it to us so we can upload it onto the website []. This can be journal articles, reports, briefs, toolkits, or blogs. Resources and evidence are organised into 8 themes: emergence and origins; transmission and spread; identifying cases and surveillance; reducing spread; engagement and communication; local sources of care and advice; clinical research; and recovery.

We would also welcome your involvement in the platform [], so please do let us know if you are interested in learning more about the social dimensions of outbreak and epidemic response through our newsletter, and/or joining the network. Being part of the network will mean we will engage with you around your specialist areas in the occurrence of an emergency or epidemic to bring a grounded and social science perspective to the response.

Please also find attached a ‘Tweet Sheet’ to help you share news of the launch on social media.

We hope you find ERAP2 a valuable and welcome resource and platform and look forward to working with you.

Best wishes,



Vivienne Benson

Communications Officer

Institute of Development Studies

Tel: +44 (0)1273 915653

Twitter handle: @IDS_UK

Skype: vivienne.j.benson

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HIFA profile: Vivienne Benson is a Communications Officer at the Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom. Professional interests: Health, nutrition, rural, resource politics, making sure quality evidence is used to inform action and decision making in all spaces from policy, advocacy, community and individual. v.benson AT