The Lancet: Prioritising disability in universal health coverage

19 July, 2019

'Disability awareness should be a core aspect of health professionals' training', says the lead editorial in this week's print issue of The Lancet (20 July).

Citation and introduction/conclusion below.

CITATION: Editorial| volume 394, issue 10194, p187, july 20, 2019

Prioritising disability in universal health coverage

The Lancet

Published:July 20, 2019 DOI:

'Current health systems are failing the 1 billion people worldwide living with disabilities. Unless access to health care is dramatically improved for this marginalised group, the goal of universal health coverage will not be achieved. These are the stark conclusions of The Missing Billion, a report from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and other partners, published on July 9, which shines a light on the barriers to health care and disparities in outcomes faced by people living with disabilities...

'Although implicit in the pursuit of universal health coverage, disability does not feature on the agenda of the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage, nor is it mentioned specifically in Sustainable Development Goal 3. Access to good-quality health care for people with disabilities is a litmus test for whether universal health coverage is achieved. Designing health-care systems that meet the needs of people with disabilities and other marginalised groups will undoubtedly improve health care for all.'

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