The knowledge gap regarding Lymphedema

7 October, 2018

Dear Friends

I have been working with Lymphedema since almost 40 years and have overseen the conversion of this problem from a hopeless, considered untreatable and hence neglected problem to something which can be very effectively managed. However there is still a serious knowledge gap persisting not only among the general public but even the medical fraternity all over the world.

I am hereby coping some text from a note circulated in a US based organization LE&RN <> which reveals that even in the USA special efforts are required.

*On October 2, 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a first-in-the-nation Act, authored by LE&RN. The public health law is amended to mandate that the New York State Department of Health shall design an informational packet about lymphedema and shall require that every general hospital distribute such a packet to all patients at high risk of developing lymphedema. (You can read the full bill here < and LE&RN's press release here <*

One of the obstacles to lymphedema (LE) becoming a national priority has been its low profile among medical practitioners. With medical schools spending little time on the study of lymphatics, doctors are often slow or unable to diagnose LE. As a result, people at risk for the disease may be completely surprised by the onset of symptoms and lose valuable time in pursuing a treatment regimen. An informed person is an empowered person.

If anyone requires more information about this problem, how to manage etc, I will be happy to help.


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