Introduction: Mohsen Rajabi, Iran - Mental health

28 October, 2018

Volunteer Research Student

My name is Mohsen Rajabi, I have graduated from the University of Tehran in Iran, with 1st Class Degree in Psychology BSc.

My main interest of research is working on Children Mental Health and the decisive role of Authorities such as parents and teachers for educating them.

Currently, as a member of Division of Emotion, Kindness and Aggression (Child and Youth Studies) at Iran University of Medical Science, I'm working on Healthcare and Mental Health in Children and Adolescent through authorities (parents and teachers). As a BSc Psychology student, recently I've been chosen as a research assistant for the Longitudinal Project: Psychosocial and Biological Predictors of Psychological Resilience in Refugee Children by Professor Pluess at Queen Mary University of London in the UK.

As a Psychology student, I have been in several projects, articles and conferences about Child Health and their Families. In addition, I’ve published some articles in children’ mental health, dementia-aging and etc. Currently, I am extremely interested in International plan and strategy for raising knowledge and awareness of Child Mental Health throughout the world. I firmly believe that it will happen if we educate people - especially families with younger children - in schools or by public workshops, online coerces or other educational programme. From what I have experienced in schools, hospitals and private clinics, it seems that lack of knowledge is one of the most important issues that requires ongoing consideration and more innovative strategies to be solved.

As evidence of my real interest in Children’s Mental Health, I worked as a volunteer office of United Nation in Iraq. Also, I am in touch with some of personal companies and NGOs in Iran, Africa and India. I would join to the your team to help children by our researches and everywhere especially children in poor setting countries such as Africa, Zambia, Ethiopia and etc. I hope our works help all children, parents and families to have access to Health Care Information.

In my humble opinion, after five years studying and working on different projects, maybe I'm not great at research; however, from all feedback I've received by my professors, firstly I have insatiable thirst for study and work on innovative topics independently as a Research Volunteer student and secondly, I realised that by becoming a research student it would mean that I will have to make sacrifices and adhere to strict protocols and professional standards and invest more in my strengths and work on my weakness. Finally, I hope that I can make a difference to children's lives regardless of their region.


Mohsen Rajabi

Graduate Student in Psychology BSc

University of Tehran

Faculty of Psychology and Education

Tehran, Iran

+98 912 6212482

HIFA profile: Mohsen Rajabi is a Graduate Student in Psychology BSc, University of Tehran, Faculty of Psychology and Education, Tehran, Iran. rajabimohsen AT