Introduction- Assistant Moderator; Poorvaprabha Patil, India

7 October, 2018

Dear HIFA colleagues,

I, Poorvaprabha Patil, am writing to introduce myself as the Assistant Moderator for HIFA. I am an undergraduate student studying medicine at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India.

For the past several weeks I have received extensive training from Neil to bring me up to speed about basics of moderation and the working structure of HIFA.

Prior to assuming responsibility as the Assistant Moderator, I served as the HIFA country representative for India during which I had the opportunity to represent HIFA at the IBP Consortium at New Delhi in February 2018. Recently, I also had the chance to conduct Youth Consultations on Primary Health Care, on behalf of HIFA and Lumina Vitae (reports of which will be shared soon).

In the past, I've worked with several small-scale as well as large-scaled NGOs and IGOs and am keen on applying the skills and experience I gained, at HIFA while concomitantly learning from the steering group and you all.

My hope is to help make HIFA bigger and reach out to as many people as we can, with the health information they need to protect their lives and the lives of those around them.

As your new Assistant Moderator, I look forward to helping you revel in more fruitful conversations on improving access to healthcare and healthcare information, and ensure that you make the best out of discussions at HIFA.

Kindly write to me at poorvapatil01 AT to get in touch.


Poorvaprabha Patil

HIFA Profile: Poorvaprabha Patil from India is an undergraduate medical student at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Poorvaprabha has a huge passion for the field of medicine. She is a polyglot with a very deep curiosity for the various cultures and places in the world. Poorva loves to travel and explore and work in the sector of Public Health.

Email:poorvapatil01 AT