How do you measure the impact of your library and knowledge service? (2)

1 June, 2018

Hi all.

There was a local strike by the non-academic union of my university in which the union leaders alleged that the University administration has embezzled money (Earned allowances) meant for their union.

In the library, we tried to education users using newspaper publications on the issue as our evidence that the money has not been released by the government and that the strike action was based on wrong assumptions. Though that only did not lead to the calling off, of the strike action but in one way or the other in contributed in enlightening the population on the issue at stake.

HIFA profile: Ngozi Eunice Osadebe is a librarian at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Professional interests: Enhancing access to higher education for people with disability, Technology Assisted Learning. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Library and Information Services.

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