HIFA Blog: Month in Review, April 2018: Open Access

10 June, 2018

Dear HIFA Colleagues

I am pleased to share the April 2018 HIFA Blog with you:


Open Access, the idea that research can be made freely available on the internet, has been gaining acceptance in recent years. But whilst publishers take down their paywalls, many researchers anticipate major problems when it comes to funding the publication of their work. In this month's HIFA Blog, HIFA members share their own varied experiences of OA, identifying the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead.

With thanks to the following HIFA members whose contributions appear in this months blog: Najeeb Al-Shorbaji (Independent Consultant in Knowledge Management and eHealth); Joseph Ana (Lead Consultant and Trainer at the Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety in Calabar, Nigeria); Jamie Guth (Communications Manager at TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases.); Zoe Mullan (Editor of The Lancet Global Health); Farooq Rathore (Consultant and Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine at the CMH Lahore Medical College, Lahore , Pakistan); Chris Zielinski (Leader of the Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) programme at the University of Winchester).

Thanks as always to our HIFA Blog Editor, Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh (HIFA coordinator) for his help in putting this together.

As always, please share any suggestions, ideas or comments for the HIFA Blog on the HIFA forum or by emailing me directly on martin_c63(at)hotmail(dot)com

Metrics: In April 2018 we exchanged 296 messages from 130 contributors in 32 countries (Bangladesh, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, Denmark, DR Congo, Germany, Ghana, Honduras, India, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, UK, United Arab Emirates, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe). Our top contributors were Joseph Ana, Nigeria (17) and Shabina Hussain, USA (16). Thank you all for sharing your views and your experience.

Best wishes


HIFA profile: Martin Carroll was previously Head of the International Department at the British Medical Association, London UK, and has worked on issues affecting health in LMICs since 2003. He represented the BMA on the HIFA Steering Group from 2008-16 and is now an independent HIFA Steering Group member. Martin is a member of three HIFA working groups: Multilingualism, Evaluating the Impact of Healthcare Information, and Social Media. He is also the HIFA blogger.