Healthcare partnerships (8) Cervical cancer prevention (4)

10 June, 2018

Dear HIFA Members,

Dr Ana asked very important question [*see note below]. My activity on cervical cancer has screen and treat programme. It is a long story so I gave a brief explanation on the activity. The Medical Team in the programme involve two Medical doctors, a Pharmacist, a Lab Scientist, a nurse and myself. Lectures are given by the doctors before every screen exercise on cervical cancer prevention, treatment and management with questions and answers from the women. The screening center is owned by a resident doctor while the consultant gynacologist comes with the other Team members who are trained on the cervical screening. The gynaecologist lives in the same town so it is easy. They collaborate well. I am aware that few cases were recorded and the gynaecologist took it up. He told me that they were not serious cases for surgery and he is on with the women. Some of the women opened up to me too.

Follow up is successful and more women wish to be screened. Women without smart phones are also accommodated through text messages and their friends. The challenges I know are going for further text like PAP smear and other treatment for some women because they are more expensive. Most of them did the VIA screening because someone paid for them. So I will say there is a follow up but it needs to be expanded.


HIFA profile: Ngozi Perpetua Osuchukwu is librarian at the Madonna University, Nigeria. Professional interests: Community information and engagement, literacy, information development, women, girls and children, social justice and sustainable development. ngostary2k AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Ngozi refers to Joseph Ana's message where he asks: "We would like to know more about Ngozi's initiative such as: Is it a screen and treat programme?, how is follow up done and how successful is it?, how is referral arranged and how is adherence to referral by the women ensured?, Is there a working relationship with the pathology and gynaecology departments of a neigbouring hospital? or do cytology and gynaecology experts visit the centre?"]