Healthcare partnerships (4)

5 June, 2018

Thank you Eric and good to hear about what you doing in rural Ghana. A lot of the partners out there do not have any ulterior motives however a few of them do.

I have a friend who continue to write a particular agency to take off their name from the agency website because they only using their name to raise funds but nothing reaches them in Ghana.

In the area of partnerships, I think it should be fair play.

HIFA profile: Eben Afarikumah completed work on his PhD (ABD) with the Accra Institute of Technology, Ghana and Open University Malaysia. He currently teaches Business Systems at the Framingham State University, Framigham, MA, USA. He was a Senior Research Scientist with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ghana, and an adjunct Lecturer at the University of Ghana (School of Public Health and Business School). His Master's Dissertation was on 'Developing patient data mining system for the University of Ghana Hospital'. Currently, Ebenezer is the Executive Director of Worcester Massschusett based 501(c) 3 Telehealth and Assisted Living Center, Inc. Our missions are to *provide the citizens of low income communities and the developing world the best available health care while providing their healthcare professionals the best available health information and education. • engage the indigenes from the developing worrld to promote health care delivery to all those who need it using technology. *conduct and disseminate research findings to advance the practice of telehealth. A branch office is in Ghana to coordinate activities in the subregion. He is a HIFA Country Representative.

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