Global Health Science and Practice Journal, Volume 6, Issue 3

9 October, 2018

Global Health: Science and Practice (GHSP), a no-fee, peer-reviewed, open-access journal, is targeted to global health professionals, particularly program implementers, to validate their experiences and program results by peer reviewers and to share them with the greater global health community.

September 2018 | Volume 6 | Number 3

How can countries end preventable maternal mortality?

Which single question can help you gain insight into the client experience in sexual and reproductive health clinics?

Can caregivers and CHWs correctly use mid-upper arm circumference to detect severe acute malnutrition?

What lessons emerged from implementation of a national school-based HPV vaccination campaign in South Africa?

Can trained nonphysicians safely and effectively perform tubal occlusion by minilaparotomy?

How did Bangladesh successfully shift management of drug-resistant TB from hospitals to the community?

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