Fwd: Three Lessons We Can Learn from 40+ Years of Community Health Worker Programs

27 June, 2018

Dear HIFA colleagues,

The message below is forwarded from the CHW Thematic Working Group. The final paragraph strikes a chord with our previous discussions on HIFA:

"After participating in a week of discussions and debates about the role of CHWs during the WHA, I often felt that the weight of universal health care is being put squarely on the shoulders of CHWs. To play a key role in advancing PHC and universal health care, though, CHWs need support. And resources. Let’s take some of the weight off hardworking CHWs and share it among the broad shoulders of all actors in the global health community. And let’s remember that a national CHW program is only as strong as the health system that supports it."

Dear colleagues,

Good morning/afternoon and I hope this email meets you all doing very well.

There is a hot blog straight off the press published on the CHW Central hub on lessons learned over 40yrs of CHW programmes.

It is written by Laura Hoemeke – the Director of Health Policy & Systems with IntraHealth International.

The blog asks important questions on what has not worked thus far with the CHW programmes in countries where they operate.

What will it take to create sustainable and scalable CHW programmes this time, she asks?

To find out more, read here - http://www.chwcentral.org/three-lessons-we-can-learn-40-years-community-...


Pamela Bongkiyung

Programme Officer (Communications & Research Uptake)

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

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Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Community Health Workers


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