Fwd: Global Mental Health - call for proposals

13 June, 2018

Dear HIFA and CHIFA colleagues,

The message below is forwarded from the Oxford-India Health Research Network, with thanks to Premjith Cheruvath.


Dear Colleagues,

The following funding opportunity announcement from the MRC might be of interest:

Global Mental Health - call for proposals ( https://mrc.ukri.org/funding/browse/gcrf-global-mental-health/global-men... ). The Global Mental Health funding call is one of MRC’s initiatives under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

Deadline for MRC Head Office approval: 2 October 2018

Closing date: 6 Nov 2018.

Eligibility: The principal investigator should be based at a UK research organisation. Researchers can be the principal investigator on only one application in this call but may act as a co-investigator on any number of applications. Applications are encouraged from, but not restricted to, UK research organisations that were successful in the 2017 MRC global mental health pump-priming call.

Aims: The GCRF Global Mental Health call will address the growing global burden of mental health problems, with a particular focus on childhood and adolescence, and support programmatic awards that address the aetiology and epidemiology of mental health and illness relevant to LMICs. The call will support ambitious, innovative programmes of research informed by the needs of the local setting, that have the potential to create pathways to impact and inform future interventional approaches. Awards funded through this call will employ multidisciplinary approaches, build and strengthen UK-LMIC partnerships, and support research training and capacity building in global mental health research.

Please refer to the web-link above for further details.

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Thank you.

Best wishes

Premjith Cheruvath

Oxford-India Health Research Facilitator

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Best wishes, Neil

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