FP (37) Family Planning - A Global Handbook for Providers (3)

10 August, 2018

Dear Neil,

I've just downloaded this handbook and it occurred to me that you could also ask the producers if they have a more user-friendly version available.

The book contains an impressive amount of most valuable information, but without embedded metadata and in the absence of any navigation help (bookmarks and interactive table of contents), this document is hard to classify in my personal knowledge base and difficult to peruse.

Yet it is the kind of help one would like to keep for reference and to find later again in the mass of material that accumulates over time.

It is really a great pity since handbooks with that many pages are never read from cover to cover but frequently consulted when a particular situation arises, for which reason it is very important that all such documents are being made search friendly and user friendly so that users can

discover them easily on the Internet

locate them again rapidly in their systems

jump quickly to passages of interest

add their own notes and comments

cite them correctly.

Best regards,

john m.

HIFA profile: John Miescher works with BizGraphic in Switzerland. miescher AT bizgraphic.ch