FP (35) Melinda Gates: Eliminating bias in family planning for young people

10 August, 2018

I was interested to see this tweet from Melinda Gates https://twitter.com/melindagates/status/1026116841318637568

"Melinda Gates: In the world’s fastest-growing countries, young people are summoning the courage to ask healthcare providers for contraceptives — and getting turned away empty-handed. Here’s how organizations like @PathfinderInt are working to change that. (via @nytimes)"

Extracts below. Full text here: https://static.nytimes.com/email-content/NK_4474.html?linkId=55164962


Melinda Gates: Eliminating Bias in Family Planning

... the evidence tells us that bias is one of the biggest barriers standing between these 1.8 billion young people and the tools and information they need to protect themselves and their futures.

When I travel with our foundation, I hear a lot of stories like Miriam’s. As a first-year university student, Miriam made the trip to a clinic near her home in Burkina Faso to ask about contraceptives. Instead of answers, she got a lecture about premarital sex and propriety. Miriam remembers exactly what the outraged provider told her: “You don’t have the right.” Technically speaking, Miriam does. Fifty years ago, the 1968 International Conference on Human Rights affirmed that the ability to plan and space pregnancies is indeed a human right...

Pathfinder International’s Beyond Bias program takes an innovative, data-driven approach to strengthening empathy and understanding between providers and their patients in Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Pakistan. Its methods include sending young adult “mystery shoppers” into clinics to see how they are received when they ask questions about contraceptives and reproductive health. The information they gather is used to design interventions that encourage providers to examine how their biases show up in their work...


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