FP (31) Q2. RH/FP information products and programs for children and youth (3) My Contraception Tool

7 August, 2018

I wonder if My Contraception Tool, which has been on free public access for many years, is known to most HIFA readers interested in this topic


It is written up in The development of a multi-criteria decision analysis aid to help with contraceptive choices: My Contraception Tool

https://srh.bmj.com/content/40/2/96 FREE


Jack Dowie, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Health Impact Analysis

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

15-17 Tavistock Place

London, UK WC1H 9SH

Honorary Professor, University of Sydney School of Public Health

Adjunct Professor, University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Health Sciences

HIFA profile: Jack Dowie is Professor Emeritus at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Honorary Professor at the Universities of Sydney and Southern Denmark. He spends his time developing personalised, preference-sensitive decision support systems across the health spectrum, using an implementation of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis he developed called Annalisa (used in MCT). Most of his writings, many with Mette Kjer Kaltoft, are available at https://padlet.com/cafeannalisa/JACK_DOWIE and examples of research studies translated into Annalisa at cafeannalisa.org.uk