FP (30) Standard Days Method and CycleBeads

6 August, 2018

Dear All

The cycle beads is the support of standard day method (SDM). [*see below]

In our routine work, this tool is helpful. Indeed, beyond the use of itself as a support of natural modern method called SDM, the cycle beads serves as an introductory support to explanation of menstrual cycle. Adolescent, women and couple have an opportunity to fix the ideas about menstrual cycle, menses, first day of menses, last day of menses, fertile period, ovulation, the discussion on different strategies to manage the fertile period (abstinence, condom use) and a large insight of wide array of modern contraceptives method make more apprehensive the understanding in RH/FP.

This tool has a language, a rich vocabulary but also a teaching power, it empowers adolescent, youth, women and couples. Everybody can learn from the cycle beads, we need just to create opportunities to expand the sharing.

Thank you

Andre shongo

HIFA profile: Andre Shongo Diamba is a medical doctor, he got a Master of Public Health international health degree from school of health and tropical medicine, Tulane University, USA in 2016 and is flexible to job opportunities. Previously, Andre worked as coordinator at PISRF- Programme Intégré de santé de reproduction et familial (Integrated program of reproductive health and Family), a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) participative NGO of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, committed in awareness and care providing in favor of women and children of low social area , and toward this group to whole community. PISRF undertakes sociological, public health and biomedical researches in the family planning and reproductive health (education, sexuality without risk, safe motherhood, HIV/AIDS prevention), it encourages the humanitarian and research projects and ensures results dissemination to all. Andre has a long experience in providing community reproductive health projects such information, communication - education; care services and research leading. He has participated at numerous international conferences in the field of reproductive health and population, health, environment. Andre is interested to promote the Social Development Goal (SDGs) in the DRC and very engaged, He pledges for public private partnership and the improving of use of mobile phone as a network able to raise the awareness of reproductive health and support the country commitment to do progress in this field. He received the HIFA Country Representatives certificate of achievement in 2013.



Andre can be contacted at pisrfrdcATyahoo.fr

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): 'Standard Days Method (SDM) is a highly-effective, inexpensive and modern family planning method that is easy-to-teach and use. It identifies a fixed fertile window in a woman’s menstrual cycle when pregnancy is most likely. CycleBeads, a visual tool, helps women track their cycles to know when they are fertile. An efficacy trial showed SDM to be more than 95% effective with correct use and 88% effective with typical use.' http://www.who.int/rhem/policy/sdm/en/ ]