FP (14) Family planning information and services for persons with disabilities (2)

31 July, 2018

Hello Erika,

You might be interested in looking at Hesperian's A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities. Hesperian developed this resource both to support women with disabilities themselves with useful information about how best to care for their health and also to raise awareness in health care settings about ways to make health services more accessible and responsive for women with disabilities.

Developed with the help of women with disabilities in 42 countries, it covers the following topics (and much more):

--Understanding your body

--Taking care of your body

--Health exams


--Sexual health

--Family planning


--Labor and birth

Scroll down on this page, which has all our books and resources, to buy a copy (print or a full pdf) or to look at free pdfs of chapters:



Susan McCallister

HIFA profile: Susan McCallister is an editor at Hesperian, USA. Hesperian publishes 'Where There Is No Doctor' and several other community health titles--see www.hesperian.org. Her professional interests include: health education, women's health, midwifery, HIV and AIDS, sexual health, politics of health, and how to make technical information popularly accessible. Before working with Hesperian, Susan spent several years helping run a public library based adult literacy program, and was also an editor for 'The Macintosh Bible,' a bestselling guide to the Apple Macintosh computer. susanmc AT hesperian.org