FP (12) Family planning information and services for persons with disabilities

31 July, 2018

Good morning Neil

RuReSA (Rural Rehab South Africa) has been approached by nurses about the provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for persons with disabilities. They are looking for training in this area. Although provision is made for this is SA's health policies, we aren't aware of any training materials or courses in this field. Can HIFA members please assist us?

Kind regards,

Erika Bostock

HIFA profile: Erika Bostock is a Speech Therapist and Audiologist with Mpumalanga Department of Health in South Africa. She has professional interests in rural healthcare, providing services in low-resource situations, support for families of people with disabilities, volunteer work and African healthcare models. Erika is the current president of SASLHA, the South African Speech, Language and Hearing Association and is a founding member of RuReSA, Rural Rehab South Africa. She is also a volunteer Speech Therapist for Operation Smile. eribost AT gmail.com