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9 May, 2018

Iberian and Iberian American working group, International Society for

Telemedicine and eHealth

8 May, 2018

Estimados todos (as),

Para informarles que se creado el Work Group Iberian and Iberian-American



Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese


1 - Collaborating with scientific socieeties, universities and health

organizations to promote the use of telemedicine and e-health.

2 - Promoting both the pregaduate educaation and continuing education of

professional in e-health in the native language of each territory in the

ibero-american countries.

3 – Disseminations of the ibero-american telemedicine experiences in all the




Recommended references (in ibero-american languages):

- Jornal Brasileiro de Telessaúde -


- Revista Informática y Salud (I+S) - <>

- Livro e-saúde ? you must reserve it in <> In the next days the ebook edition will available.

Next activities:

- Curso Introduccion a la Informatica en Salud y Telemedicina (Panamá)

- III Forum Telesalut@ SITT, Barcelona

We kindly appeal to everybody to collaborate and send inputs to the Iberian

and Iberian-American working group (ISfTeH)


Saludo cordial!

Lady Murrugarra Velarde

Directora de WeTelemed, la Red Mundial de Mujeres en Telemedicina


Vice-Chair, Iberian and Iberian-American Working Group



HIFA profile: Lady Murrugarra is a Specialist in Telehealth in Brazil and

Coordinator of Telehealth at the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia,

Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Tropical Medicine. Also the Founder and

Coordinator of the Hispanic Group at the International Society for

Telemedicine & eHealth in Luxembourg. Founder and Coordinator at

e-Prevencion in Latin America and the Carribbean. Francia Member of the

Scientific Committee at AITT, the Ibero-American Association of Telehealth

and Telemedicine. ladymurrugarra AT

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