Ebola outbreak in Nigeria: perceptions from commercial motorcyclists and passengers (4)

2 January, 2019

Joseph Ana notes: "It is a pity that this paper is not open access. Nigeria is no longer on Hinari which means that most of the sections of its population that need to have the information in the paper are not going to have access to it. Public health especially control of Ebola is the loser."

Indeed, lack of access to reliable healthcare information is a major barrier to health globally, nationally and individually (and it is the reason HIFA exists). However, there is surprisingly little systematic analysis on the impact of lack of healthcare information and the myriad barriers in production and availability of healthcare information. For example, where is the analysis on the health impacts of restricted-access versus open-access journal publishing, for the prevention and control of Ebola (or any other disease)? There is an ethical dimension here: if restricted-access publication of research contributes to the global burden of disease (as many of us suspect), this needs to be quantified and used as a lever to promote change.

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Access to Health Research


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