Dr Tedros: "We need more collaboration" (3)

7 January, 2019

I will like to suggest that WHO should have a club in all universities teaching them, enlightening them and exposing them to what they should know through this club the community and lives will be impacted.

To shed a little more light on this issue, I think most universities are sited in a local setting, villages, environment or community where they don't have adequate health care facilities, where sick ones go through pains. Some of them will have to travel kilometers, hours before they can be taken care of and which we know it is risky for them, alot of lives has been lost in the process. I observed that most of this community are not expose at all to a lot of things like personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, good treatment, good drugs, adequate hospitality and lots more so if WHO should have a club in the universities the club will affect the community by giving them orientation, teaching them what they should know relating to health and providing good health care and drugs for the community there by impacting lives as well. The club will go a long way in achieving the WHO GOAL.

HIFA profile: Taiye Adedoyin is a student at the Kwara State University in Nigeria. Professional interests: Microbiology. taiyeadeyemi96 AT gmail.com