Community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review (2) Hesperian publications

6 June, 2018

Hello Neil,

Thank you for sharing this study supporting CBR for people with disabilities. For people working in the disabilities community, especially those developing CBR programs, Community-Based Rehabilitation in the Bolivian Amazon can be a helpful resource. Based on Theresa Glass's experiences building a CBR program for children with disabilities, it provides the strategies and tools that helped make her program successful. Originally written in Spanish (, it is now also available in English (

Hesperian's book, Disabled Village Children, is also useful, particularly for making low-cost rehabilitation aids with limited resources. It includes directions for making crutches, wheelchairs, and therapy aids, and provides information on physical and developmental disabilities, addressing daily living skills, medications, and behavioral difficulties. Disabled Village Children is also available in English ( and Spanish (

If you are interested in either of these resources, you can learn more about them on Hesperian's website, or contact me with any questions. I hope they are useful for CBR programs and anyone working with people with disabilities.

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