Community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities in LMICs: A systematic review (4)

7 June, 2018

Dear Neil,

Thanks for sharing the information about the systematic review on the impact of CBR on people with disabilities. This review looked at impact of CBR on persons with specific disabilities.

However, a majority of CBR programmes in low and middle income countries work with community workers and/or volunteers who receive limited training and focus on areas of generic functional disabilities such as vision, hearing and mobility, instead of a diagnosis of specific disabilities. Their focus is on improvement in daily living activities. This is reflected in their data collection as shown by our multi-country review in 2016 on the disability data collection systems in CBR programmes ( ).

Therefore, it is not easy to find big studies that can show the impact of CBR on persons with specific disabilities. A systematic review looking at the impact on functional areas could turn up more evidence about the impact of CBR.

Dr Sunil Deepak

Schio/Italy & Gurgaon/India


HIFA profile: Sunil Deepak is Head, Scientific Department, AIFO, Bologna, Italy. sunil.deepak AT