Chronic Disease Registry in Nigeria

10 October, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of my team at Viable Helpers Development Organization, I will like to introduce our project to you and seek potential collaborators within Nigeria and other African countries.

We have just developed a platform which we describe as a 'Bank of Disease Registries'. We are consistently expanding the platform with new features. The Bank can house several disease registries based on user requirements. We are also mapping disease diagnosis and other clinical terms to international standards such as ICD10, SNOMED and LOINC. We are currently in discussion with some professional associations to harmonize data collection tools that are used across multiple sites. We however seek research groups that will like to test out and use the platform for managing their multi-site project. The disease registry homepage can be accessed at

We are providing this platform free to early adopters and will like to hear from research groups that have an interest in collaborating with us. You can reach us at if you have specific questions on the project.

Many thanks.

Dr Olusesan A. Makinde

Epidemiology/ Health Informatics Specialist

HIFA profile: Olusesan Makinde is an Epidemiology/ Health Informatics specialist with several years of experience in Clinical and Public Health Practice in Nigeria and the US. He is a Physician with graduate training in Epidemiology and Health Informatics from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and the Johns Hopkins University, USA. sesmak AT