Call For Applications: PRB Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub

9 January, 2019

Dear HIFA members,

I’m writing to share that PRB is now accepting applications to our Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub. We invite applications from family planning organizations with existing advocacy or policy work who are interested in enhancing their advocacy efforts with data-rich, visually compelling, and actionable communications materials. As part of the Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy (EEDA) Project at PRB, the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub will work with partners and develop customized advocacy materials that interpret and communicate data and evidence for local policymakers and influencers.

We would love your help in circulating the call for applications to your networks. We also welcome your recommendations for organizations that we can individually invite to apply.

What is the Family Planning (FP) Advocacy Resource Hub?

Evidence-driven communication materials paired with effective advocacy strategies can maximize impact. The FP Advocacy Resource Hub works with organizations to identify their priorities for evidence-based FP messages that target decisionmakers, and then develops materials to meet their needs, such as:

Short videos.

Data visualizations.


Policy briefs.

Interactive presentations.

Print products like pamphlets, factsheets, and brochures.

In consultation with partner organizations, PRB advises on the ideal combination of materials to creatively and clearly communicate data-driven messages to the targeted policy audience. Support will be offered to organizations with strong policy advocacy objectives and strategies and demonstrated communications capacity needs. The development process takes approximately three-to-four months for each package. PRB will cover all production costs and will turn over final products to the partner organization for their ongoing use; PRB will not provide direct funding to partner organizations.

For more information on the Advocacy Resource Hub and to view examples of past products, please visit:

Which organizations are eligible to apply?

Organizations with an established record of FP advocacy or policy work and outcomes, as well as limited capacity to produce quality communications products independently.

At least 25 percent of the organization’s existing advocacy work must be related to FP and/or reproductive health.

Organizations must be based in a low or lower-middle income country (according to the World Bank country classifications).

Preference will be given to organizations from countries with existing Family Planning 2020 commitments and/or Ouagadougou Partnership countries.

Individuals are not eligible to apply.

Attached [*] is the application form, which will be accepted through January 25, 2019. Applications can also be found here on our website.

I thank you in advance for your assistance in amplifying our work! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.




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[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): HIFA does notcarry attachments. The application form is available at