BMJ GH: Defining global health as public health somewhere else (12)

28 January, 2020

Dear all,

Nice to read from you and the reserve /arguments against the proposed definition of global health as public health somewhere else.

I dont think the authors proposed the said definition as a "gold standard" definition of global health. I mentioned that students in public health can welcome such a definition. Provided that they already master the definition of public health, this definition comes as a supplement. Global health as public health somewhere else also mean the problem at stake is "already boiling" somewhere else and as any public health issue, it can reach your environment within a short period of time. Somewhere else does not not mean it is not a serious matter but that it has started somewhere, the source is identified. As some may put it, the world is a global village. Something happening in thousand miles away can rech your environment just in a couple of hours given the traveling rate around the world.

In all, this paper is good one to discuss with students and public health professionals to get the substance.

Thanks for your inputs amd comments.


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Yaounde, Cameroon.

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