BBC: Zimbabwe 'prophet' also developed lipstick for blood pressure (4)

3 November, 2018

Dear Neil and All,

I am not surprised Zimbabwe is yet again at it! These prophets of false hopes are allowed by our African governments to pull such massive numbers of desperate, poor and brain washed innocent people. These activities are indeed absurd and need to be stopped at once. We have lost a lot of people who are deceived by such prophets of false hopes. Our people fall into such deadly traps in search of quick fix solutions to their health conditions but with no yield at the face of it. Sadly and surprisingly, where are the voices of our policy ambassadors, public health fraternity, and health ministries of our countries to stop such scandalous events from mushrooming further across the sub saharan region? Surely a deterrent must be put in place to stop these so called "winner takes all" individuals who thrive on reaping the frail and poor with impunity! I thank you All and sorry to respond late.


HIFA profile: Flora Todlana is a researcher at the Evelyn Oldfield Unit in the UK. Professional interests: Research in public health: epidemiology; trauma in displaced families; type 2 diabetes melitus. hanyanaflo AT