Audacious, Last Mile Health and Living Goods: mHealth for CHWs

11 June, 2018

Below are extracts from a news article in Africa Health (April 2018)


Six countries in East and West Africa are shortly to become a part of a TED-sponsored project designed to fund 50,000 health workers to ‘make a difference’ in their communities.

The project started as a $1 million prize awarded to a Dr Raj Panjabi and his Last Mile Health agency, a non-profit that works with community health workers to expand healthcare access in remote areas... TED increased its funding to $250 million...

Next year access to the Audacious Project will be open for anyone to apply...

Last Mile Health has now teamed up with Living Goods, a non-profit also working with community health workers in Africa, to generate an even bigger plan. Community health workers trained through the programme will be equipped with smartphones loaded with an app to automate the diagnosis of deadly conditions. On top of that the Academy platform will offer training videos to health workers so they can distinguish between life and death diseases (like severe and non-severe pneumonia)...


Is anyone familiar with Last Mile Health and/or Living Goods? It would be great to hear more about their work.

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Community Health Workers

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