The Astana Declaration (17) UHC2030 Astana Blog Series

8 November, 2018

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'The Declaration of Astana, launched two weeks ago at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana, Kazakhstan, signals the global community’s renewed commitment to primary health care, the achievement of Universal Health Coverage and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals. This week, Civil Society Engagement Mechanism for UHC2030 (CSEM), the UHC Coalition, and Primary Health Care Strategy Group (PHC SG), bring you post-Astana reflections from civil society and other global health actors. The organizers of this blog series seek to promote diverse engagement around this historic moment, however, please note that the views expressed belong solely to the author, and not the curators nor to other authors in the series. Should you have a point of interest, discussion or clarification, please contact the author directly using the information provided with the respective blog post on the Health For All Medium Publication. See today’s installments below and help us amplify their voices by sharing the suggested tweets:

1. Can the Astana Declaration Be a Turning Point to Finally Ensuring Primary Health Care for All?

Author: Vince Blaser, IntraHealth International and Frontline Health Workers Coalition

Tweet: Blog from @FHWCoalition Director @blaserv highlights how we can turn the #Astana declaration into practice & ensure primary #HealthForAll by learning from the past & being bold & unequivocal in our intentions and investments. #HealthWorkersCount

2. Local Leaders: Untapped Resources for Advancing Access to Primary Care

Author: Dr. Mariam Reda, Director, HRH2030/Chemonics

Tweet: How can we engage local leaders as we move toward achieving #HealthForAll? See how @USAIDGH and @HRH2030Program are doing this successfully in #Cameroon

3. Building a Generation of UHC Champions

Author: Daniela Terminel, Chief Executive Officer, Global Health Corps

Tweet: "What better investment is there than to build a new generation of #UHC champions to lead us into a brighter future, where the nation or zip code into which you are born does not determine your fate?" @dterminel of @ghcorps #HealthforAll #leadership

4. Digitizing Primary Health Care Delivery

Author: Caroline Mbinyo, Director of Digital Health Partnerships, Living Goods

Tweet: Incorporating community health in the #UHC agenda can save lives. Learn how the @UHC4communities campaign's advocating for a global commitment to government-owned, integrated community health systems that prioritize access for vulnerable, rural populations


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