The Astana Declaration (15) Traditional medicine (2)

6 November, 2018

The mention of traditional medicine may speak to the fact that increasingly there appears to be a move towards natural remedies. In some LMICs (like Nigeria), partly often due to cost and local cultural beliefs, traditional medicines are preferred over regulated pharmaceuticals. The issue is that the dosage, safety and possible side effects of the traditional medicines is often unknown

See below link to a recent story (and short video) Nigeria Health Watch did on traditional medicine. The insights we found were interesting in order to understand why people use traditional medicine and how long-standing beliefs continue to influence people's choice of medication.

“Immediately they fall sick they consult the oracle to tell them what is causing that illness and proffer a traditional remedy.” – Healthcare Worker, Benue state.

'Traditional medicine isn’t necessarily all bad, however the main concern is the lack of sufficient research guiding the practice to establish its safety, uniformity...'

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