The Astana Declaration (13) Multilingualism and Access to knowledge (4)

31 October, 2018

Dear John, these are valid suggestions. However I believe while it may be cost effective to use existing instructional videos or other visual information with voice over or adding text etc it fails to acknowledge the cultural context of the frontline health worker. Language is not only about words it is also about cultural identity bringing meaning to the words. This can be powerful to bring about effective change. It is important to be sensitive to cultural identity. I do realise that cost more money and yours can be interim solutions.

HIFA profile: Ruth Martis is a midwife and a PhD candidate at the Liggins Institute, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. She is also a locum midwife for a remote rural area in New Zealand. As former senior midwifery lecturer at ARA, Christchurch she is passionate about midwifery education, normal birth, newborn examination, neonatal resuscitation, intermittent auscultation, fetal movements, teenage pregnancies, lactation, gestational diabetes, knowledge transfer and research synthesis (Cochrane systematic reviews). She was involved in the SEA-ORCHID project as clinical educator in South East Asia. Ruth.martis AT