Antibiotic prescribing and resistance: Views from low- and middle-income prescribing and dispensing professionals (4)

7 August, 2018

Dear Ana

I quite agree with you, aside from enforcing the existing laws as regards the OTCs and POMs, our courts of law should be made to understand that medicines are a special and entirely different items from other articles of commerce!! So the issue of entertaining litigation from say patent medicine vendors on issues relating to controlling them shouldn't arise from the first place. I know currently there are several litigations at courts arising from attempt by Pharmacists council of Nigeria to regulate the patent vendors' outlets. To crown it all medicines are being hawk every where.

Abdullahi Hassan

Research Scientist, Journal Reviewer and Author

HIFA profile: Abdullahi Hassan is a scientific officer at the Federal Medical Center, Keffi Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Professional interests: Antimicrobial resistance, Access to essential medicine. abdullahi.h01 AT