Africa Health journal (3)

31 July, 2018

Dear Brian,

Thank you for your enormous contribution and dedication to the Africa Health journal and for your support in publicising the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK (IET) Appropriate Healthcare Technology (AHT) events in the past. Best wishes to Francis Omaswa and his team in the future.


Len Cornish

Leonard Cornish

HIFA profile: Len Cornish is a biomedical engineer. He worked as a volunteer with the Hong Kong Oxfam Group/OXFAM HONG KONG from 1975 to 1992 (while he was an Electronics Engineer at The University of Hong Kong working with all faculties including the Medical & Dental Faculties). From 1993-2000 he worked with ECHO International Health Services Limited in the UK, a not-for-profit supplier of medical equipment & consumables, pharmaceuticals and technical support to developing countries. In 2000 he set up his own small consultancy Global Healthcare Projects providing advice/support on the management of healthcare technology. Through The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK he has been involved in: a) Organising 2-yearly international seminars and conferences on "Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries" and b) Helping the IET to set up web pages on "Resources on Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for the Developing World". LenCornish AT