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2018 Ebola outbreak

31 May, 2018

Hello everyone,

I have read the distressing reports of the recent outbreaks of Ebola. When the last Ebola outbreak happened, Evidence Aid curated a collection of evidence (systematic reviews, guidelines, and other useful articles) which is available here - http://www.evidenceaid.org/ebola/

As you will see it’s not been updated, due to our lack of human resource. If anyone might like to consider helping us to update this collection so that it’s more relevant to the current outbreak, please do let me know. We’d need an information specialist, subject experts, and people who are able to summarise systematic reviews on the subject. You’d need to commit to doing work – not just act as an advisor – without you, we won’t be able to update this as quickly as we’d like to!

Please do get in touch with me directly if you think you can help.

With best wishes,


Claire Allen

Operations Manager

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